Trail Riding Wales, Llangollen

Trail Riding Wales is a guide tour business operating in and around the Llangollen area.

I have many years’ experience riding the area (30+ years) as well as experience riding motocross and enduro l, and I have had many different makes and models of bikes so rest assured you’re in good hands!

Trail riding takes place on unclassified county roads and byways open to all traffic with natural surfaces, often known as “green lanes”, linked by tarmac roads. You need to hold a licence to ride motorcycles on public roads. The variety of green lanes in Wales make it well worth a visit!

You will encounter stream crossings, boulders, rock steps, hills up and down, tight corners, sweeping bends, ruts and muddy surfaces in green lanes long and short.

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Off-road activities and more! A great day out in wales

The spectacular North Wales countryside is excellent for this kind of riding and the landscape bears all kinds of trails to suit varying skill levels.

If you have a bike and are looking for somewhere to ride then Wales is full of places, and a guide is the easiest way to find them.

But why choose us over other guides? Well one reason is the experience, like I said before I have been riding a motorcycle for many years and know the routes very well. The extra experience comes in very handy if anyone gets stuck on a trail, knowing what to do in those situations gets the trail moving forward quickly again, whereas a less experienced guide may have trouble getting you and your bike out of a tight spot

If you would like to take part in this exciting sport while having the benefit of local knowledge then I’d be glad to answer any questions you have beforehand as well.

Rides take place every weekend, and can be booked in advance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.