Where We Ride

Llangollen - Lake Vyrnwy - Barmouth - Snowdonia

We also do the big one - Llangollen to Barmouth and back! It’s a 2 day trail

Routes in North Wales are excellent! Some are suitable for big trail bikes and novice trail riders, while others provide challenging and technical trail riding (although not enough to make up a day without some easy lanes).

If you are happy to join other riders, we always try to find a person or people who ride similar bikes and sound as if they have similar experience to join you. Please see the prices page for the cost of one or two days’ riding.

The trail riding mainly takes place in an area near or around Llangollen. We also ride further south and north. One of our routes is only for dry summer days as it has river crossings . Occasionally we organise trail riding trips to different areas. If there are any forthcoming, they will be shown.

If one-to-one tuition is required, or there are only two or three of you and you don’t wish to join other riders, you can ride alone.

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